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An opportunity to take a few moments to review where things stand and what has been accomplished. January 2015 also marks 7 years that I have been guiding and blogging. I’ve built a website about Israel to market my guiding services, including a comprehensive blog and an online store [update, the store is no longer active]. I am using a blog theme called Twenty Twelve, a clean, modern design with more capabilities. I have now over 300 blog posts. There were over 82,000 page views in each of the last two years. There are currently 308 people who have subscribed to my blog and another 334 via Facebook.

Here are some of my favorite posts from the last couple of years.

On November 20th a rocket from Gaza landed just 6.5km from our house in Jerusalem while I was writing a post about the Jerusalem botanical garden during Operation Pillar of Defense.

Because I studied computers and worked in High Tech before becoming a tour guide, I wrote an article about how the museums in Israel are using technology to share their collections with the world.

Based on an email exchange with a pastor in England asking about the sycamine tree mentioned in Luke 17:6 I researched and wrote about it.

Starting on August 5th every week on Sunday I’ve posted one of my photographs of Israel as a Photo of the Week.

I wrote two blog posts about early photographs taken in the Holy Land, by Francis Bedford on the 1862 visit of Edward, Prince of Wales and by photographers of the American Colony at the turn of the century.

There were a number of sites that were on my list: Mar Saba, SebasteMount Gerizim and Omrit— I visited them and wrote them up on my blog.

I built an HTML site map:


3 thoughts on “Site Map update

  1. RPS

    Congratulations indeed for another fine year in your (self-assigned) task of keeping those of us on the other side of the world informed about you and your country. I now know a lot more about — among many other things — Magidovitch Street.


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