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To get good photographs you have to be able to get to the right place at the right time of day – only a guide who is also a photographer can do that. I will take you exploring off the beaten path to places that you’ve never been to even if you’ve visited Israel many times, places that are great to photograph. The Red Canyon, north of Eilat, is one such place and below is one of my photographs.

Red Canyon, near Eilat
Red Canyon

Ein Gedi is a day trip from Jerusalem and with a guide you will have many good photo opportunities, waterfalls, rock formations, flora and fauna.

Unfortunately, human intervention has created a grave geological phenomenon down at the Dead Sea called sinkholes – they do provide for some very interesting photographs.

Sinkhole pool

For more examples of my photographs mouseover the PHOTOGRAPHY tab in the menu and click on one of the menu items. I’ve assembled 28 more photographs on my Photos of the Week page (actually 99% of the photographs on my website are mine).

I guided a couple, both photographers down at the Dead Sea.
“We got some amazing sunrise photos at the Dead Sea, we hiked through canyons and got lots of cool shots there, then Shmuel found some unique salt formations back at the Dead Sea. We captured some great photos of sinkholes. To sum it up this was the highlight of our 17 day trip to Israel. Shmuel delivered beyond our greatest expectations.”
Mary & Vern Schlabach

As a licensed guide I lead tours throughout the country so I know the landscape and nature that make up Israel. As a photographer I know where and when to go to find those great shots. My experience and expertise enable me to offer unique and personalized tours of Israel for hardcore afficionados who want to see Israel through the lens of a camera. Contact me for your own photography tour.

3 thoughts on “Photography Tour

  1. Cheryl Lamon

    Hi Shmuel – we would love to get one of your calendars when they are ready to order. The pictures are awesome!!

  2. neil Dankoff

    Hi Shmuel, I am a professional photographer that will be coming to Israel April 24-May 2. I wish to have a guide who will take me each morning before sunrise to a great landscape location as I specialize in large panoramic photography. Do you provide such a service?

    1. Shmuel Browns Post author

      Thank you for contacting me. I do act as a guide for professional photographers, taking them to off the beaten track locations where they can be creative and shoot.

      I live in Jerusalem which is pretty much in the center of the country. Though Israel is a small country and you can drive to Eilat in the south in 4 hours and similarly north to the Golan, you should estimate an hour to get to most photo shoot locations. By April sunrise is 6am; sunset is 7:15pm. April 28th is a full moon. If you want to shoot at sunrise, it’s probably worth staying over in the area.

      There are lots of shooting opportunities besides sunrise. I was hiking with a client in the canyon at En Avdat mid-morning and the sun was backlighting a grove of trees for a great photo. There was a large Pistachio Atlantic tree with gnarled branches and strong roots anchoring it in a field of rocks. One of the things I miss from Canada is the beautiful fall colours but this tree was ablaze in reds and yellows and then as I looked among the branches I saw an ibex, 10 feet up in the tree.

      Think about what you’re looking for in those panoramas, what areas you’re interested in – desert, coast, archaeological ruins. I’ll take you to some great photo locations.

      Blessings from Jerusalem.


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