Photography tours

When I travel I take photographs, it’s an axiom. If you like to take photographs arrange a personalized photography tour of Israel with me as your guide. I’ve traveled to Jordan, Morocco, Japan, India, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Laos and many countries in Europe and I’ve taken photographs of nature, markets, people, landscape and architecture. All this to say that I’m an experienced photographer and I am an experienced and knowledgeable guide for Israel.

Trees on Golan

Trees on Golan


As a licensed guide I lead tours throughout the country all the time and as I crisscross the country I update my knowledge of the best places to get the best photographs.

Israel consists of a very broad range of geography, coast, desert, mountains, forests, in a very small area making it a great photo location for those interested in nature and landscape. And Israel has two unique places, the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth and the makhtesh, a geologically formed crater. A modern country in an ancient homeland, made up of people who have come from all over the world has infused Israel with a rich visual culture for those interested in colorful markets and people. With thousands of years of history and conquest there is a lot of archaeology and styles of architecture to take photographs of. Israel is the land bridge between Europe, Africa and Asia and 500 million birds fly over twice a year for those interested in photographing birds.

My experience and expertise as a guide and photographer enable me to offer unique and personalized tours of Israel, to enable you to get the photographs you’re looking and hoping for. Contact me to arrange your tour.

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