Aqueduct at Caesarea

The first aqueduct (one closest to water) was built by Herod at the time the city of Caesarea-Maritima was founded and brought water from the Shuni spring, south of Mount Carmel, about 10KM to the northeast of the city. The water flowed on a single raised channel supported on kurkar arches.

When this was not sufficient, a second “lower” aqueduct was built by the Legions of the Emperor Hadrian (2nd C CE). It brought water from Tanninim (Crocodiles) river. This section, with a tunnel of about 6KM long, was tapped into the older aqueduct, and doubled its capacity and its width. The builders used the same building materials and style, so it may be difficult to see that the pair of channels were built at different times. The aqueduct continued to supply water to Caesarea for 1200 years.

To find the start of the second aqueduct drive just past the entrance to Beit Hanania you will find the northern section of the aqueduct and the second aqueduct (Hadrian) connecting to the older one (Herod).

Aqueduct at Beit Hanania

In this section there are two stone tablets that were placed into the wall by its builders, the legion of the Emperor Hadrian. The right tablet clearly shows: “IMP CAES(ar) TRIAN HADR(ianus)”. The other tablet is of the Tenth Legion (the Imperial eagle without its head standing on a wreath).


The Israel Trail winds its way beside the aquaduct, through the Arab town of Jizr a-Zarka and then south along the coast to Caesarea.


On the beach closer to the Caesarea archaeological park there is another section of the aqueduct.

Aqueduct just north of Caesarea

In fact it makes a great hike with the whole family following the aqueduct at Caesarea north along the beach to Dor (where you can visit the Mizgaga museum) or continue a little further to Hof Habonim.

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