Photo of the Week – Nahal Soreq

Early this morning we drove out of Jerusalem past Ein Karem and Sataf and followed the Soreq valley, the historical route of the train that joined Jaffa to Jerusalem. Suddenly the gauge on the car signaled that the temperature outside was 4ºC. As we looked to the right the valley was filled with mist. We pulled off the highway, parked and climbed the hill to get some elevation and take photographs.


DSC_0108DSC_0163Then we descended into the valley and mist and got some nice closeups using a macro lens.


Couldn’t find any spiders but saw their gossamer webs left behind.


We did a nice hike in Nahal Katlav, from the derelict Bar Giora/Dayr-al-Shaykh train station, and I figured that the time was right to find crocus pushing up through the earth and we did.

7 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Nahal Soreq

  1. Ruth Gundelfinger

    Your photographs are lovely. I remember a long time ago we were looking at a calendar and there were pictures of flowers and leaves and you pointed out how great that photographer was as he was able to capture the dew drops on these plants. Now I see that you are trying to do the same. I believe I did see a spider on one of those webs.


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