Dead Sea – Lowest Place on Earth

From Jerusalem (elevation of 750 meters above sea level) it is about a half hour drive, on routes <1> and <90> down to the northernmost end of the Dead Sea (elevation 420 meters below sea level), the lowest place on earth. As the highway continues along the western shore of the Dead Sea you will pass Qumran, Ein Gedi, Masada, Ein Boqeq and the Dead Sea Works. There are numerous places along the route to take photos of the Dead Sea and the mountains that rise above it. In one day I took almost 150 photographs, filling all 3 of the CompactFlash cards (digital film) that I had with me, more photos than I have ever taken in one day.

It is very hot in the Judean desert so a stop for a dip at the springs at Ein Gedi is delightful. While enjoying the cool water pool in Nahal David, a family asked if I would take a photo of them under the falls – little did they know that they were getting someone who was so practised. With a little patience you will be able to observe the wildlife that lives in the reserve: hyrax, ibex, tristram grackle and red dragonfly.

If you drive along the Dead Sea in the late afternoon you will be able to watch the setting sun as it paints the blue-green sea different colors of pink and purple. This photo is at Ein Boqeq – only as I was focussing on my composition in the viewfinder did I notice the full moon rising over the mountains of Moab.
Moonrise over Dead Sea at sunset
From there it is a short drive south to the Dead Sea Works, these are a series of photos of the industrial complex as night fell.
Full moon over Dead Sea Works
Nightfall at Dead Sea Works
Dead Sea Works lit up at night

I would be happy to arrange a tour and guide you if you want to focus on Israel through a camera lens.

In the last 3 years I’ve taken more than 4000 photographs in Israel. In July I am going to Kathmandu, in the foothills of the Himalayas, the highest place on earth–I am looking forward to an exhibit of my photos “From the Lowest Place on Earth” that will be on show there in August. To view the photos click here.

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