More Kalaniot, Red Anemones

Yesterday I did a tour of the western Negev to see the kalaniot, red anemones in bloom. The anemone (anemone coronaria from Greek Άνεμος ‘wind’) is a perennial in the buttercup (Ranunculaceae) family.

The human eye can take in a scene much more broadly than a camera which makes photographing a wide expanse of flowers challenging. The deserts of Israel, both the Judean desert at the Dead Sea and the much larger Negev triangle are fascinating places to photograph – I’d be happy to take you to explore and photograph. Here are some photographs that I took that I think capture some of what we saw.





1 thought on “More Kalaniot, Red Anemones

  1. Bob

    Lovely. Tree shots remind me of Aix en Provance, France in 1971. Plus, the red flowers in bloom… Van Gogh would feel right at home. Thanks for the Tour.


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