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I am exhibiting nine of my photographs in a large group show צוהר לנסתר–A Window to Wonder at Jerusalem’s Cinematheque from April 16-May 28. Opening reception and opportunity to meet the 12 photographers and view over 100 photos Sunday, April 28th, 2019 from 7:00pm-9:00pm. I’d be delighted if you would come.

En Avdat

Cinematheque Photos

A half dozen new photographs were on display in a group show here in Jerusalem, at Ginot Ha’Ir, German Colony in February 2016.

Dead Sea coast

The photography exhibit “From the Lowest Place on Earth” – was on display at the The Saturday Cafe, near the Great Stupa, Bodha, Kathmandu from August 14th to September 30th 2008.

From the Lowest Place on Earth:
Photographs from the Dead Sea, Israel

420 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea lies in the African Rift Valley between Israel and Jordan–at the lowest place on earth. 330 meters deep, the Dead Sea is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world; it is the world’s second saltiest body of water, 8.6 times saltier than the ocean.

The Dead Sea is shrinking at a rate of 1 meter per year as Israel and Jordan divert the waters flowing into it. The receding water has left huge mud flats with hundreds of sinkholes. These photographs record the Dead Sea through the lens of an artist. They display the pristine beauty of the Dead Sea and its surroundings Wadi Qelt, the oasis at Ein Gedi, and Ein Boqeq. Even as the world is rapidly changing, as humanity encroaches, these photographs capture nature in a serene moment.

The exhibit explores constrast–between wet and dry, water and desert; the contrast between rock and vegetation, and between the broad horizontal expanse of the Dead Sea and the cliffs and mountains that rise vertically above it; the contrast between nature and human industry. These photographs also convey the solitude of the area–a refuge through the ages for kings, prophets, Jewish sects, and Byzantine monks. The photos are mostly barren of human life, except for a hint of a recluse who ascends ladders, and a few hikers who, traversing the landscape, reveal its proportions.

Light and color are important elements here. The setting sun paints the blue-green water with varying shades of pink and purple. The colors and patterns of shoreline and water create an abstract composition.

The opportunity to show this work in Katmandu–in the shadow of the highest mountains on earth–enables a juxtaposition with the lowest place on earth.

Shmuel Browns
August 2008

Shmuel lives in Jerusalem just 42km from the Dead Sea and 1170m above it. As a licensed tour guide he travels throughout the country showing visitors the archaeological and nature sites of Israel. Shmuel continues to explore art: drawing, painting, pottery and photography. Shmuel uses photography to frame and capture a scene in an artistic way, to share his love of nature with the viewer.

The set of photos from the exhibit can be viewed online at

To purchase copies of any of the images from this exhibit as fine art prints, please contact Shmuel.

4 thoughts on “Photo Exhibit

  1. Shmuel Browns Post author

    Hi Debbie.
    I’m glad you like my photos. It would take a long time to “see them all” – I have more than 7000 digital photos of Israel that I’ve shot in the last couple of years. Since you’re in NZ and the photos are digital you can choose the photo you’d like and I’ll email you a high resolution copy that you can print in NZ (at a good photo developer). I’ll give you the right to make one large print of the photo for $125.

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  3. bodysciencemassage

    your photos are beautiful…I am researching a trip my great grandmother took thru the near east back in 1955, for a book about her travels, and stumbled across your site. Thanks for posting and describing your photos it has helped create a back drop for her travels for me! If I ever get to go to Israel I will surely look you up for a tour….as an amateur photographer I would love to tour with someone who sees the worlds beauty….Thanks!!!


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