Tours for Business Travelers

If you’re going to be in Israel on business I recommend you set aside some time at the end of your trip (even the day you’re flying out) to experience something of this incredible country – you deserve it. I am ready to take you around and show you what you are interested in, in whatever time you have available. One businessman who had been working here was flying on to Zurich in the afternoon but contacted me the evening before to take him around Jerusalem’s Old City the morning before his flight. Three business people were interested in a tour of the Old City – since then I’ve guided 4 other groups from the same company who have been here on business.

Here is what business people have said after their tours:

Shmuel was fantastic! He was responsive to my needs in the planning and flexible when my plans changed because my flight was delayed because of weather. We met up according to plan and spent a wonderful day walking in the Old City based on my interests (he asked in the beginning and as we continued). Throughout, he provided detailed information — history, context, etc — about what I was seeing. A highlight was an impromptu concert in one of the churches. Would definitely call on Shmuel again!

What a good antidote to a heavy work load: a personal tour of Jerusalem with Shmuel Browns!  I thoroughly enjoyed my day exploring this culturally rich city, seeing nearly every one of its distinctive city gates, a really good walk into the bargain! Shmuel was well equipped with background literature and has a good command of the old history of the city. We saw all the main highlights. My personal favourite was the Church of Gethsemane, with its beautiful but dark interior, and fabulously old olive trees in the garden. We had a traditional snack lunch in the Muslim Quarter, which took me back to my travels elsewhere.  This was just sufficient to ‘power’ us on, eventually,  to the Church of the Holy Sepulchra,  a truly spiritual place, and one could imagine Christ’s end in one of the caves at the back.  We ended our day watching the ritual of locking up the Church. It was an exhausting but perfect one-on-one tour. Thank you Shmuel for opening my eyes to this wonderful city.

PA Milner, Geophysicist

Check out this article in the BBC Travel section about hiring a local expert guide when visiting a place on business.

I build the tour itinerary based on your interests. Here are some starting points:

  • Holiness of Jerusalem to the 3 major monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • History and archaeology of the land and its connection to the Bible
  • History and politics of Israel

Contact me to squeeze in a tour on your next business trip. There’s now a fast train to the airport from Jerusalem (25 minutes) and from Tel Aviv (12 minutes).

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