Photographs at Dead Sea


August 2008 when traveling to Kathmandu with my family was the first time I ever exhibited my photographs, in a show I called “From the Lowest Place on Earth”. At 420 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea lies in a deep crack in the earth, between Israel and Jordan, part of the Great African Rift.


In the past year the light that had accompanied me in my life was extinguished and my own light flickered. I return to the area by the Dead Sea and wrestle to capture the light. The sun works with an incredible palette of colors, emerald, turquoise, cerulean blue, ultramarine, pink and purple, yellow ochre, orange and dusty umber.

In a world that is sometimes hard to comprehend and rapidly encroaching on nature, especially in a small country like Israel I framed these photographs to capture the pristine beauty of nature. I wanted to convey the solitude you can find in the desert – a refuge through the ages for kings, prophets, Jewish sects and Byzantine monks. I find solace in the quiet and beauty of this area by the Dead Sea.






Many of the photographs display the contrasts in the landscape – between wet and dry, water and desert; the contrast between rock and vegetation and between the broad horizontal expanse of the Dead Sea and the cliffs and mountains that rise vertically above it. In some photographs, like the one below, I put aside the landscape to capture the colors and patterns in the picture to create an abstract composition.




6 thoughts on “Photographs at Dead Sea

  1. Bob

    You have so many wonderful photographs. It is great to see them on this platform (Israel-tourguide.) I would encourage you to explore other ways to exhibit / share / sell these images. Of course this is DIFFERENT than promoting your guiding services. It means leaning into the world of Photography and wearing the promoter / salesman hat more often. Meanwhile, I really enjoy your photos and am happy you’re posting more often.

  2. TAO


    I live in the desert and can appreciate finding beauty in an area that others find barren. Your photographs of the Dead Sea are wonderful and you have a keen eye for composition. We’ve made it to the Dead Sea on each of our three trips to Israel. This is certainly a unique place. Thanks for sharing.

      1. TAO

        I live near the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. Another big, beautiful hole in the ground that is a great place to take pictures.

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