Photo of the Negev

The Negev is one of the quintessential areas of Israel. When visiting you should plan some time in the Negev, which makes up 60% of Israel’s land area. Ben Gurion was the visionary that realized the importance of the Negev to Israel’s future. Near Sde Boker, the final resting place of David Ben Gurion, is Ein Avdat, a spring in a canyon. It’s high limestone walls and pools are a great place for photographs.

Terebinth Ein Avdat horz

As you enter the reserve you will notice an old (250-year-old), solitary terebinth, a Pistachia Atlantic, אלה in Hebrew, rooted in the rocky soil. This tree normally grows in colder, semi-arid zones with annual rainfall of over 300 mm – this tree is a reminder of a forest that flourished here when the climate was colder and rainier. Looking up you may see Griffon vultures that nest on the cliffs soar overhead. There are also quite a few ibex that are attracted by the water. Ibex, a kind of mountain goat, are very good climbers on the steep rocky slopes and even up in a Pistachio tree.

Ibex in a Tree

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The technical details, shot with a Lumix point and shoot camera, ISO 80, 4.1mm, F4 at 1/200 sec.

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