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For anyone seeing this post I would encourage you to also check my Facebook page at where I share information and photos about tours and sites that I’ve visited with clients.

Here’s the itinerary I put together for the client, a combination of exploring nature and archaeological sites with the opportunity for taking photographs, the clients were specifically interesting in birds.

Day 1

  • Mosaics at Inn of Good Samaritan museum
  • View of Wadi Qelt & monastery & Cypros
  • Drive up the Jordan valley
  • Beit She’an archaeological site, capital of Roman Decapolis

Day 2

  • Golan Height & lookout
  • Gamla Nature Reserve, Griffon vultures

Day 3

  • Nahal Meshushim
  • HaHula Reserve

Day 4      

  • Nimrod fortress
  • Archaeological Banias 

Day 5      

  • Waterfalls in Nahal Ayun, Metulla
  • JNF Agamon HaHula

Day 6

  • Tour of Acre: Underground Crusader city, Hamam, Ramchal synagogue
  • Aqueduct at Caesarea & Bird Mosaic

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