Photo of the Week – Cranes at Agamon HaHula

Today’s Agamon HaHula (covering an area of one square kilometer — the same size as the walled Old City of Jerusalem) was established as part of a JNF rehabilitation project in the 1990s in the southern part of the Hula Valley, north of the Hula nature reserve. The site has become a winter home or stopover for an estimated 500 million migrating birds (cranes, storks, pelicans, cormorants, …) flying from Europe to Africa and back, and hence a great birdwatching site.

Cranes at Agam HaHula

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The photo was taken at Agamon HaHula (snow-capped mountain is the Hermon). The technical details – the photo was taken with a Lumix (DMC-ZS5) point and shoot digital camera on February 28 (ISO 25, 18.2mm, F5 at 1/500 sec).

For more of the history of the Hula read my post at


Some of the birds soaring over Hula valley

You can also visit the Hula nature reserve (part of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority), the first nature reserve that was created in Israel in 1963. At the Visitor’s center there is an exhibition about the Hula and a theater (with moving seats) showing a video about the marvel of migration. From there you can walk a 1.5 km circular trail through the reserve.

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