Wildflowers on the shore of the Dead Sea

This winter there has been quite a lot of rain and so instead of the carmel colors of the mountains in the Judean desert above the Dead Sea, this year there is a lovely carpet of wildflowers in reds, yellows, purple and white along the shore of the Dead Sea. It’s definitely worth experiencing this exceptional sight. Since I’m also a photographer I’ve taken some pictures that I’ll share with you here.

Some of the wildflowers that have sprung up are Poppies, Daisys, Rainbow Toadflax, Faktorowsky’s Aaronsonia, Rumex pictus, White Mignonette,…

4 thoughts on “Wildflowers on the shore of the Dead Sea

  1. melanie

    love the myriad of colors. and it’s not something I would expect by the Dead Sea. There’s so much more to discover in Israel . Thank you Shmuel for capturing it


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