Last minute tours

In Hebrew there’s an expression daka tish’im (literally 90th minute) which means leaving something to the last minute. I’ve been able to help people who realized at the last minute that they wanted to see a particular site – the best way to do that is to hire a guide who can arrange everything. One couple hoped they would get to visit Herodium, King Herod’s palace/fortress in the desert but it was the day before they were leaving. They searched on Google and found an article I’d written and contacted me. I picked them up at their hotel, drove them to Herodium and guided them. This is what they had to say:

The tour of Herodium was awe-inspiring, largely because of Shmuel Browns, our guide. He is highly knowledgeable, and comes equipped with graphic documentation that fills the gaps of what one sees. He gave us a taste of the detective work of archaeologists. Further, Shmuel is very professional and a real “mensch”.

A businessman was flying to Zurich, Switzerland in the afternoon, but contacted me the day before to take him around the Old City the morning before his flight (I ensured that we were back in time to catch his taxi to the airport; I can also offer transportation to/from the airport, I’m a licensed chauffeur).

So if you have limited time but want to have the fullest experience while here in Israel (good reasons for hiring a guide) I am offering tours as short as ½ day, customized to your interests, that you can book at the last minute. If you’re staying in Jerusalem then phone me on my cell +972 53 280-6537 (also WhatsApp or Telegram) when you wake up and tell me what you’d like to do, then go down for breakfast. If I’m available, I’ll meet you within the hour to start your tour. That’s right, incomparable service – you can hire an expert, licensed guide at the last minute.

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