Photo of the Week – Reflection on Sinkholes


These photographs are of reflections of the landscape by the shore of the Dead Sea that I saw by looking into a sinkhole that was filled with water. I am attracted to exploring the photographic possibilities of this strange and alien landscape. Because the water in a sinkhole is colored by the salts and minerals dissolved in it the reflection presents an image that is differently colored than the original.

Sinkhole I

Sinkhole II

Sinkhole reflection

The technical details – the photo above was taken with a Nikon 5300 digital SLR camera in October in afternoon (ISO 250, 29mm, F11 at 1/500 sec).

The third photograph is upside down! There is no clue of scale, so that is not a mountain. What looks like sky is water (in the sinkhole). At the top of photo is salt not clouds. About ½” from bottom you can make out a line which is the centre line of the reflection. Chosen as a Top Shot by the administrators of FB group Best Photographers.

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2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Reflection on Sinkholes

  1. parkind

    Wow, Shmuel!! That third one is sooo visually elusive. I had to copy and turn it over to get my brain to see it in that orientation! What fun!


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