Blogging and Guiding

Just got in from guiding, 4 days guiding this week. Shabbat comes in in an hour.

Last day of the year, a good time to take a moment to review what has been accomplished. It also marks 3 years that I have been guiding and blogging. My first clients were referred by a friend in Boston. The grandfather was the initiator of the family trip which included his wife, his daughter and son-in-law and their 2 children and the inlaws, in honor of his grandson’s bar mitzva. Since then I guided the son-in-law and 2 business associates, Texas oil men when they were here on business and will be guiding the grandfather and friends in January. My most recent client had to reschedule to today when her flight out of Newark was cancelled by heavy snow. Meanwhile weather in Israel has been mild, temperatures in the 60s (dropping now to 50s) and little rain.

I’ve written 86 articles and I’ve built a modest website which has 14 pages. From only 4 page views per day in the first year, a total of 1384 I increased to 42 page views in year 2, a total of 15,211. This year is up another 57% to an average of 65 page views per day, a total of 23,889. In the last 2 months I’ve been averaging more than 95 page views a day so people are reading my posts. This is thanks mostly to other bloggers who have linked to me so thank you Todd, Jan Pieter, Carl and others for your help. See everyone in the new year.


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