Nahal Og


Decided to go for a photo shoot, so early in the morning I headed out of Jerusalem to drive down to the Dead Sea. After a half hour I arrived at the overlook above Nahal Og, pulled off the road just in time to see the sun breaking through the cloud cover above the horizon. I was looking for sunrise landscapes and although this part of the nahal is close to the highway and inhabited by a Beduin encampment you can capture the view of an ethereal sky and desert solitude if you look for it.


There are other views – it breaks the pristine beauty, but you can include the jumble and junk scattered on the hillsides, Beduin shacks, fences, stuff.

DSC_0497 (1)

While hiking around the hills taking these photographs I looked down and noticed the rocks at my feet, incredible colors. I’ve been thinking about how to take landscape photos that display the shapes, textures and colors of what I am seeing rather than being focused on the visual scene itself. Here are a few of these rock photographs.

DSC_0504 (1)DSC_0501 (1)DSC_0503DSC_0506 (1)

Later in the afternoon, on my way back I drove to the trail head into Lower Nahal Og and took photos, the closing bracket to the sunrise photos at dawn.

A great day!


For more information see my post about Hiking Nahal Og.


4 thoughts on “Nahal Og

    1. Joy

      I love the fact that you go out to find material which I find totally beautiful … yes Israel has never been without the concern of her security… but Israelis have always had the joie de vivre and that will remain.

  1. Bob

    I also appreciate your vision of Israel and your commitment to waking early / staying late to capture special moments. I particularly like the Rock Shots this time.

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