Photographs For Sale

Since the lifting of Covid-19 lockdown I’ve been doing a lot of traveling around Israel, discovering new places and have taken a lot of amazing photographs. I’ve now printed more than 20 of these photos in LARGE size (70x46cm) and am offering them for sale as limited edition prints. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these photos to enhance your space. And if you email me the name of the photo you’re thinking of with a photo of your room (image on left of your dining room for example) I’ll send you back an email with the photo hung digitally on your wall (photo on right).

Email me photo of your room
I’ll email your photo hanging on wall

Clicking on any of the images will display the thumbnail at full size. I hope you enjoy these landscapes of Israel.

Here are two more images that are available (in a vertical form).

Bet Shearim
Nahal Katlav


4 thoughts on “Photographs For Sale

  1. Diane Parkin

    Oh Shmuel, These photos are fabulous! I can almost feel the land, the air, and you…wish we could see you for real… Sending love, D.

    1. Shmuel Browns Post author

      Yup I have photos of the desert. Israel has different deserts, the Judean desert by the Dead Sea, the Negev desert which includes Nahal Zin and the 3 Makhtesh, the Arava (near Eilat), each have quite different landscapes. I even have some photos of desert areas in Jordan.

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