Photo of the Week – Meron synagogue

A less visited site on Meron than the well-known tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, are the ruins of a late 3rd century CE synagogue in the basilica style (a large rectangular room divided by two rows of columns) which survived an earthquake in 306 CE, but was severely damaged or destroyed by another earthquake in 409 CE. Only the façade is still standing with three openings, inside are the remains of the bases of the columns that once stood. According to a local legend, when the cracked lintel above the central doorway falls, the Messiah will come. I’ve visited this ancient synagogue 3 times over the years in different seasons, February, April and September and taken photographs of it.

Meron synagogue February almond blossoms

The technical details – the photo above was taken last week with a Nikon 5300 digital SLR camera  (ISO 1600, 27mm, F14 at 1/2000 sec).

Below are two earlier images. Clicking on the images will display them larger.

Meron synagogue April

Meron synagogue September

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