Photo of the Week – Solomon’s Pillars

In my most recent post about the exhibit at the Israel Museum I mentioned the Egyptian goddess Hathor which Canaanite worker-miners identified with their Ba’alat. Timna is a popular place north of Eilat for hiking. As your guide, I can show you a shrine to Hathor and an engraving of the Pharaoh Ramses III that was found, 1st half of 12th Century BCE.

This week’s photo is of Solomon’s Pillars, tall sandstone rock formations at Timna, one of the places in Israel where ancient Egyptian artifacts were found.

Solomon's Pillars 2

The technical details – this photo was taken late afternoon with a Nikon D90 digital SLR camera in February 2010 (ISO 220, 25mm, F10 at 1/250 sec). Clicking on the image will display it larger.

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