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Jerusalem the White City

I woke up this morning to Jerusalem covered in a blanket of snow. It’s not that I haven’t seen snow before, I grew up in Ottawa, Canada but it’s still pretty amazing to have snow in Israel. The meteorological service had been promising snow for Jerusalem since Tuesday. We bundled up and walked to the Old City and I shot photos until my camera lens fogged up.

We walked from the German Colony past Cinemateque and Ben Hinnom valley up Mount Zion. I shot a photo of Yemin Moshe from there. While writing this post and organizing the photographs I came across this black and white photo, photographer unknown from 1920. Similar photo, the cypress and pine trees are bigger, Montefiore’s windmill was recently renovated.

Yemin Moshe Yemin Moshe in snow 1920

We walked through the Jewish quarter past the Byzantine Cardo and the Hurva synagogue. It was snowing and I caught the snow falling in the photo. The photo of the Hurva synagogue with minaret and palm tree has quite a painterly feel.

Byzantine cardo in snow

Hurva synagogue w minaret in snow

I had planned to go up onto the Haram el-Sharif but there was no access for non-Muslims and even the rooftop lookout at the Austrain Hospice was closed. There is a place with a good view above the Kotel plaza. This photo was shot with a 11-16mm wide-angle lens, giving quite a panorama.

Overlooking Kotel Plaza in snow

On our way home I got a nice photo of the “Tower of David” at Jaffa gate.

Tower of David