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Photo of the Week – Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

The Sea of Galilee, called the Kinneret in Hebrew, is the lowest freshwater lake in the world at an elevation of 212 meters below sea level, part of the Great African Rift. It is 21 km by 13 km with a circumference of 53km – I’d be happy to take you on a tour around the lake by bicycle. This photo was taken from Almagor, a moshav to the north of the lake, the site of the Battle of Tel Motilla between Syria and Israel in 1951, one of many attacks by Syria from the Golan Heights.

Sea of Galilee from Almagor

The technical details – the photo was taken with a Nikon digital SLR camera and 18-200mm lens in April (ISO 200, 36mm, F11 at 1/500 sec).

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